When you truly become one with your board, you’ll move like a Legend.

(Assuming you’re on a Vanhunks solid SUP or inflatable SUP, of course.)

Before you hit the water and assume the stance, take a minute to consider that streamlined beauty beneath your feet.

To make sure our Stand-Up Paddleboards live up to the Vanhunks reputation, we design and craft each one with more than a dash of attention to detail. We’re mindful of ensuring performance, strength, balance, and longevity, and of doing so, we combine old-school craftsmanship with some high spec composites and epoxies.

To build the Stand Up Paddle Board range, for instance, we scoured the globe for the best and most advanced materials and technologies. We tested shapes and sizes proposed by the world’s most advanced SUP board shapers before deciding on the ones that would bear our name…

Our Soft SUP boards made with EVA. EVA is a polymer. It gives our Soft SUPs the feel and flex of rubber, but the toughness, stress crack resistance, and superior UV protection they need to perform year in and year out. And deep down to the lightweight EPS core, each one of our boards is a long-life Legend at heart.

Our Inflatable SUPs (or iSUPs), too, are created using only the very best materials and technologies. These include military-grade PVC, high-density polyester drop-stitch to ensure superior air holding, and advanced German glue to seal the seams for life.

So go on, Live Your Legend – Read more about how our Stand-Up Paddleboards and Inflatable SUPs (or iSUPs) designed to help you and your board perform as one.

You can find the full fleet of Vanhunks SUP boards for sale right here in our online store, or find a Vanhunks Boarding outlet near you.