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Flat water, white water, fishing water…

If you can stick a paddle into it, it’s made to be kayaked.

You get canoes. You get kayaks. And then you get Vanhunks sit-on-top kayaks – the next level of kayak evolution. Light-years away from a floating log, these zippy, stable, easily maneuvered craft are roto-molded from premium quality polyethylene for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Because the hulls are roto-molded, not cast into molds, our skilled team can produce each one as a single, hollow shape, with no weld lines and no joints. This means the structure is light, stress-free (read “strong”), and very, very durable.
They also carry anglers, surfers, bird watchers, kids and their parents (and anyone with a desire to explore expansive new horizons).
Whether your sights are set on fishing in the Bay, cruising the Keys, or paddling down the Rapids, take a good look around these pages first.

Wade, through our growing range of fishing kayaks, kids’ kayaks, family kayaks, and accessories. You’re sure to find the best sit-on-top kayak for your lifestyle.