Sale! Core GTS4 Freestyle Kite
Core GTS4 Freestyle Kite

GTS4 from CORE is a cornerstone of their Universal+ Series. So these are kites which are suitable for all disciplines but have a special focus in one specific department – with the GTS4 it is freestyle.


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CORE GTS5 megalooping kite
CORE GTS5 megalooping kite



And still, the undisputed megaloop champ!

The 5th Gen Freestyle Icon is here.

You’re addicted to life in the fast lane but in a good way. And when you go, you go big! We feel the same, riding our newest GTS. Our 5th gen Universal+ Series allrounder delivers the superpowers unhooked riders demand without messin’ up the original formula. We know how badass the GTS4 is. Its signature Future-C powered kiteloops, and unhooked confidence is something we’re proud of. Now, experience a decade of iterative magic with our new and improved GTS5.

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Sale! Core Section 2 Wavestyle Kite
Core Section 2 Wavestyle Kite


Connect with every wave like never before.

Yes, you’re ready for a dedicated wave kite. A kite that stays out of your way when it’s not needed and then comes alive when called upon. The updated Section 2 carries over its acclaimed reduced diameter ExoTex airframe, lightweight surf construction, and super quick reflexes from its predecessor. CORE’s no-stretch ExoTex incorporates a unique radial reinforcing thread that enables higher pressure airframes with smaller diameters. It improves airflow, drift stability, relaunchability, and rider feedback by substantially increasing tube strength and rigidity despite reducing diameters.

Did we mention this drifting phenom’s huge range complements foilboarding too? Its lightweight construction, nimble behavior, and reduced lateral forces make it an unexpectedly awesome foiling kite. It won’t yank you off your board, and it zips through lulls. Yup, the Section 2 will amaze you with its foiling pedigree.

With effortless directional control and the right amount of pull, the new Section 2 keeps strapless riders upwind and on their board. Freestylers will love the confidence and in-air control to land those physics defying aerials. When it comes to waves, the Section 2 is ‘all in.’

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Core XR5 Freeride/Freestlye/Wave Kite
Core XR5 Freeride/Freestlye/Wave Kite

Stellar. Performance.


The new mega-boosting, woohoo-generating XR5 delivers more hangtime than you can imagine. And did we mention the pillow-soft landings? This performance freerider has the goods for all your adventures. On the lake. Or on the Atlantic. It rips upwind, handles gusts (and lulls) like a boss and still retains the legendary XR character, comfort, and range that owners rave about. So, how do we do it? We start with a modified delta bow shape, and we spend the next 12 years improving every minute detail. Details like our Intelligent Arc bridle system that adjusts the wingspan, and massively increases wind range. And ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron, our exclusive airframe material that increases canopy rigidity and aerodynamics without adding weight. We could go on, but we prefer that you find out for yourself how stellar the new XR5 performs.

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